Millions of people watched 20 strangers share their first kiss, but they became somewhat disenchanted after it was revealed the short film was actually just a clothing ad. Since then, we’ve been subjected to the first kiss of real people and the awkward first handjob.

But love and curiosity at first sniff just might the best thing to come out of this meme yet.

The basic gist of this parody from Bosh follows the same premise as all the others, except this time the “strangers” are furry, four-legged creatures we love in different shapes and sizes.

These dogs don’t get aggressive or overexcited by being in close proximity to a complete stranger. Instead, there’s uncertainty, hesitation, some displays of affection, and plenty of butt-sniffing.

And it’s better than what WREN came up with.

H/T Digg | Photo via Bosh/YouTube