It's hard enough to get children ready for bed, but these two girls were ambitious. It was 20 minutes before bedtime, and they still had a movie to film.

Emma and Kylee scripted and shot the movie on an iPhone with the help of their dad, Jayson.

It's a familiar scene—one we've seen in too many TV shows to count—but Kylee as the passionate and intense detective sells it.

The noir-esque narrative is already plotted out on Reddit, but some questions were left unanswered. Viewers are already asking for a sequel.

She had the evidence. She had the motive. She saw Jimmy and the perp at the scene of crime. She just couldn'tput the pieces together. What were they doing by the blocks, Detective Straight Bangs thought. She just couldn't put the pieces together.

There would be nights after her parents put her to bed where she would lie awake, the only thing consoling her was her precious stuffed bear. Sometimes she'd watch some television to pass the time before she had to be up for daycare. The idea of having an unsolvable case would eat at her soul night after night.

"I think we are going to," Jayson wrote. "They have soccer tonight so if they're not too worn out afterwords [sic] we may film part 2."

It's hard for a sequel to be better than the original, but with these two, I'm hopeful.

H/T Reddit | Photo via EDITinc/YouTube