Purebred dogs—especially the smaller ones—can be awfully spoiled and willful, always used to getting their way, and none too pleased when they don’t. So what will happen when a Shih Tzu and a Corgi, two totally hardheaded breeds, find themselves at odds? A struggle for the ages.

At first it appears the Shih Tzu, called Chewy, possibly short for Chewbacca, has all the advantages in trying to pull Winston the Corgi upstairs: the leash, their owner’s encouragement, and a fierce determination to win. But over time, Winston begins to wear him out, using his more significant body mass as anchor and waiting out Chewy’s mighty leash-tugs with firm resolve.

What did Chewy want Winston to join him upstairs for? I suppose we’ll never know. Still, sometimes you have no choice but to bid a friend farewell and go your separate ways.

Photo via Adam R/YouTube