We've been saying it all along: In 2012, you have to pin it to win it. 

First Lady Michelle Obama finally joined Pinterest on Wednesday, four months after her husband signed on.

Like President Barack Obama’s Pinterest page, Michelle’s is run by the Obama 2012 campaign staff. Her profile notes, “Pins from the First Lady are signed -mo.”

Taking her cue from fellow political pinner Ann Romney, the First Lady has gotten a running start with a pinboard of family photos titled Father’s Day. (While Romney was derided for pinning her own photos to Pinterest, the network’s ongoing intellectual property concerns will likely prevent Obama from receiving the same indignation.)

The First Lady is preceded by her own Pinterest parody, Mrs. Obama, who joined Pinterest back in February. That account is run by a conservative blogger named Adrienne Royer, who paints the First Lady as a mean girl who gorges on hamburgers while forcing others to eat salads.

“I don't know what this is, but thank goodness it's fried!” the parody pinner wrote recently on her board, Eat As I Say, Not As I Eat.

Although Pinterest took down a Mitt Romney parody account at Romney’s election staff’s request, the network hasn’t touched Mrs. Obama. It’s probably because, just like with Fake Barack Obama, the Obama 2012 campaign staff doesn’t think pinners will mistake it for the real deal.

Paordy accounts aside (like Rick Santorum’s sweater vest collection), Michelle’s addition brings up the American political Pinterest tally to four, including Ann Romney, Barack Obama, and Newt Gingrich.

It can’t be long until Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney decides to join the party.

Photo via Michelle Obama

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