This woman painted her face in 100 coats of foundation

Jelly 100 layers foundation

Photo via Jeely/YouTube

The experiment turned out how you'd expect—unhuman-like.
Josefin Lillakas is a woman of extremes. The Swedish vlogger known as Jeely has constructed a peanut butter cup the size of a pie, suction-cupped her lips in her own "Kylie Jenner Challenge," and committed to 100 applications of mascara in a single sitting. 

This week's trick? Turning her face into a literal pancake with 100 layers of foundation. 

During the near-six-minute tutorial, she applies layer upon layer, drying every few with a blow-dryer (that kind of paint doesn't set on its own), until she looks like she's been dipped face-first in plaster. 

At one point she says, "It's greasy as fuck." Indeed.

Here she is after round one: 


And here she is after every pore has been sufficiently clogged 100 times over:


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