Yum! The most delicious Tumblr ever

This Tumblr features cookies. Need we say more?

Chocolate chips, macaroons and wontons all fall under the same category: they’re a type of cookie. And it’s only natural that there would be a Tumblr dedicated to them.

The Cookie Blog posts high-resolution pictures of all kinds of cookies that will make your mouth salivate. The blog’s curator is Sophie Redgrave, a British student who thrives off “green tea and water.” She also owns Vanilla-God, a Tumblr dedicated to her favorite things.

Similiar to Strangers Have the Best Candy, Sophie follows a variety of food and cooking Tumblrs that she reblogs. Many of her posts have between ten to 20 notes.

The Cookie Blog scores a 70 in our Dot Rankings and is the 16th most reblogged Tumblr according to our data.  Many of her photos are “liked” on Tumblr, which calculates to a score of 68.

So if you’re looking for a sweet, crunchy diversion for your Tumblr stream, The Cookie Blog is a welcome addition.

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