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Ben Carson Wikipedia briefly links Ben Carson to pedophile group NAMBLA
Carson once compared pedophilia to same-sex marriage.
Wikileaks, Sony Sony executives ordered edits to Wikipedia pages
The finding reveals just how easy it is to tip the scales on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia Logo Keychain Uptick in global bans sparks backlash from Wikipedia users
A rare 'global ban' has been used six times in the past three months.
Wikipedia Logo Keychain Wikimedia Foundation stays quiet about 2 recent—and rare—'global bans'
Notoriously transparent online encyclopedia secretive about why two editors were permanently banned.
Jimmy Wales with UAE flag in glasses Jimmy Wales pledges $500k UAE award to human rights causes
Now the money will fight "human rights abuses worldwide," Wales said.
Encryption globe with coins on table Wikipedia is booming—so why is it still asking you for money?
Annual Wikipedia fundraiser raises community hackles.