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General Iroh Bryan Konietzko drops 'Last Airbender' art for Inktober
All your favorite characters in ink form
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They freaked out as much as Chase did.
Victorian romance How to make women orgasm, according to Tumblr
The female orgasm is a highly individual thing.
Tumblr changes reblog design to controversy Tumblr users are not happy about the site's new redesign
Reblogs will no longer create 'indecipherable' chains, but is that a good thing?
Elizabeth Bennet gives Mr. Darcy the smackdown in this rap battle remix
Face it, Darcy, you're no Kanye.
mothman Why Mothman memes are taking over Tumblr
Tumblr is obsessed with Mothman, but he's way less creepy than you might expect.