Are you frustrated with Facebook? You're not alone. The massive site that has more than 1 billion users worldwide scored the lowest in customer satisfaction among social media sites according to a new study released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Beating out Facebook for customer satisfaction on social media were Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and, in the top spot, Google+. According to ACSI, Facebook got a score 61, whereas three years ago it earned a 64. This year, Google+ topped out with a score of 78. Wikipedia also got a score of 78.

According to Larry Freed, CEO of ForeSee, a firm that measures “customer experience,”  there are various reasons why people are not satisfied with Facebook, but it mostly has to do with concerns about how often the site makes changes to its policies on privacy, security and advertising.

“They’re in a near monopoly situation: That’s where everybody is and there’s really no other game in town. Yet consumers are pretty dissatisfied with Facebook,” Freed told

According to Freed and, the reason who Google+ scored better than Facebook is because its community is smaller. There is also less advertising on the site.

But with one billion users, it doesn't seem like Facebook will be going anywhere, anytime soon; whether its users like it or not.

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