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Brendan O'Connor

dad in blue suit talking to daughter Meet Twitter's weird and brilliant longform emoji storyteller
If a Venn diagram could map Weird Twitter and Dad Twitter, Patrick Mortensen, a.k.a. @MrBikferd, would be in the intersection.
buzzfeed money BuzzFeed is now valued at $850 million
That should pay for a lot of listicles. 
TmXKDYR.jpg (1024×719) The computer chip that thinks like a human
“The impossible has now become possible.”
hrClRQX.jpg (1024×680) This brave New Yorker is trying to save the egg sandwich
Saving breakfast one sandwich instruction leaflet at a time. 
5pWzue7.jpg (1024×683) Inside the anything-goes parenting cult of YouBeMom
“Do couples really swing still?” “It’s alive and well in our burb.”