TikTok famous club

TikTok famous club

What is TikTok famous club, and can you trust it?

The short answer is no.


Nahila Bonfiglio


Posted on Dec 12, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 8:38 pm CDT

People around the world are flocking to TikTok, the webs most prominent short-form video app.

But creating new, interesting content is hard when you’re up against so much competition, and as more and more users utilize the app, the struggle to get noticed becomes more difficult.

Putting out consistent, interesting videos will only get users so far, and people are searching for alternate methods to achieve viral TikTok fame. While dozens of online sites promise free TikTok followers, one site in particular stands out. TikTok famous club promises all the free followers you could ask for, so long as visitors are willing to fill out a few surveys.

But does it actually work, and can you trust it?

What is TikTok famous club?

A quick search for TikTok famous club will reveal a webpage promising up to 30,000 free followers on TikTok. Upon clicking on the link, visitors are taken to a page sporting the TikTok logo.

The page requests users enter their TikTok username to connect their account.

TikTok famous club

Once a username is entered, the generator asks how many free followers interested patrons would like to download. (Ranges between 1,000 to 30,000 are available.)

Regardless of how many potential new followers are selected, the next page will require users to complete two offers before proceeding. The offers are pretty standard as far as online surveys go, promising $100 Visa cards, an iPhone XS Max, and a number of other tempting goods.

Each offer takes the interested user to another page, where they will have to answer another range of questions.

Can you trust TikTok famous club?

Even after completing two offers, as requested, the page remained unchanged when I attempted this process. The unlocker continued to prompt me to complete 2 offers in order to gain my followers.

TikTok famous club - surveys

This leads me to believe that TikTok famous club, despite its meteoric rise to the top of Google, is a scam.

Like most of the “free TikTok followers offered online, the site ultimately steals users time, potentially riddles your computer with viruses, and gives wannabe social media stars nothing in return. If you have solid ad blockers and wish to endure this process, go ahead.

We can’t confirm whether any TikTok followers await you on the other side, however.

What about Cookhack site?

Another popular TikTok fan generator is Coolhack site. Like TikTok famous club, it promises thousands of free followers so long as users are willing to potentially ravage their computers. For this particular scam, you need only download two apps and open 30 sec to get up to 50,000 free TikTok followers.

TikTok scam

Again, we cannot emphasize enough how dangerous sites like these can be. There are plenty of ways to obtain followers without potentially damaging your computer. Avoid sites that offer free fans, as there is little chance of receiving anything other than a potentially dangerous computer virus out of them.

Alternate methods to gain followers

Thankfully, there are plenty of other methods to quickly gain followers. It might not be as easy as clicking a button, but quickly gaining a large number of TikTok followers isnt impossible.

TikTok online trending page

Following popular accounts, spreading your reach, and participating in viral challenges will all help gain the attention of other users. These, along with several other methods, can assist users in pulling large numbers of followers to your TikTok account.

Ultimately, you arent going to rise to the top of TikTok without some work. Those downloadable fans and quick trips to the top wont get you anything but a computer virus.


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*First Published: Dec 12, 2019, 9:03 am CST