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This TikTok teen is blowing up because he looks just like Jim Halpert

His impersonation is spot-on.


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Posted on Jan 13, 2020   Updated on May 19, 2021, 5:57 pm CDT

The Office‘s smart-aleck character Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski, has a massive fan who’s been replaying his scenes on TikTok–and he’s gone viral.

@wavymcgradyi get told i look/act like jim every day please duet this #fyp #foryoupage #theoffice #jimfromtheoffice #ThatsWhatILike♬ pre pre prepared – theofficefun

Nineteen-year-old Luke Lorraine (@WavyMcGrady) recently shared a video where he’s dressed as Jim, lip-syncing the lines of The Office‘s iconic office showdown between Jim and Dwight Schrute. The clip has gained more than 300,000 likes in just two days.

He has a second clip with him as Jim, doing the famous engagement scene–with a phone he bought at Goodwill just for the reenactment. That one has more than 290,000 likes as of this writing. 

@wavymcgradyi bought this phone from goodwill cuz everyone asked me to do more here you go #foryoupage #fyp #theoffice #jimhalpert #ThatsWhatILike♬ original sound – theoffíce

As an aspiring musician, Lorraine regularly posts videos of himself singing on his TikTok. However, his Jim impression, complete with the personality quirk and requisite smarm, could have people believing he should get into the acting game.

“It’s funny, even the facial expressions I do naturally make my mom say, ‘That’s so Jim,'” Lorraine told Popsugar. As for how much Lorraine has seen The Office, he said that it’s been “a bunch of times.”

Other Office fans can currently watch all nine hilarious seasons of the NBC series on Netflix, though it is leaving the streaming platform in 2021. However, not long after, the comedy will be back online to stream–but will air exclusively on NBC’s upcoming streaming platform, Peacock.


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*First Published: Jan 13, 2020, 1:04 pm CST