Conspiracy: Taylor Swift is a clone made by the Illuminati

Fans and critics have their theories about whether Taylor Swift’s recently ended relationship with Tom Hiddleston was an elaborate hoax, but one theory that keeps popping back up makes a potentially fake and public affair look tame in comparison.

For a few years now people have noticed the visual similarities between Swift and Zeena Schreck (née Lavey), an artist, musician, and former Satanist, after a nearly 30-year-old interview with the latter surfaced online.

In recent weeks, Twitter users resurfaced the comparisons between Swift and Schreck as one user took it beyond a coincidental doppelganger connection separated by time. One person asked if the two were related, but another took it a step further: They’re not related, but Swift is a clone of Schreck created by the Illuminati.

Actual theory or parody? At this point they could be one in the same but playing along for the average conspiracy connoisseur is part of the fun.

The only evidence supporting the conspiracy theory is that Swift looks very similar to Schreck from 30 years ago—Schreck has darker hair nowadays—but some people have taken to analyzing Swift’s music videos; “Bad Blood” in particular has a number of references to satanic symbols and shows Swift being reconstructed to be made superhuman or immortal. It’s pretty extensive stuff, even though Schreck no longer identifies as a Satanist; she founded the Sethian Liberation Movement in 2002 and is now “informed by the Tantric and Typhonian traditions.”

Of course, some people aren’t taking this seriously at all.

But to err on the side of the lizard people, we can one day hope for the ultimate clone collaboration between Swift and Beyoncé’s clone. But the internet might not be able to handle that, so maybe it’s for the best.

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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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