Steve Buscemi has some feelings about the deepfake of him and Jennifer Lawrence


With just about every new iteration, deepfakes are becoming more realistic to the point where it impresses and confounds some of the people at the center of those manipulated videos.

That realization occurred firsthand for Steve Buscemi, who was shown a deepfake (a video that combines one person’s face with another) that featured his face by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Wednesday night. First reported by the Daily Dot last week, a deepfake that placed Buscemi’s face over Jennifer Lawrence’s while she talked to the press after her 2016 Golden Globe win for Joy went viral in part for how seamless and realistic-looking the deepfake was.

Sure, we know that Buscemi didn’t talk about the Real Housewives, but it has the potential to fool somebody one day.

Even Buscemi was impressed.

“I’ve never looked better,” he joked.

But when Colbert pressed him how seeing the clip made him feel, he was more mixed about it.

“It makes me sad that somebody spent that much time on that because I’ll bet that was hard to do,” Buscemi added.


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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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