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Grover is petrified at this ‘monster’ on Twitter

These are disturbing times for ‘Sesame Street.’


Josh Katzowitz


Twitter has always been a scary place, but since the rise of Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate, it seems that the misogyny, racism, Islamaphobia, and anti-Semitism has increased exponentially on the site.

And since Trump was elected, Twitter, for some, has become a horror show filled with trolls and threats of violence.

Not to mention scary, scary monsters.

And that’s what frightens Sesame Street’s Grover the most. Especially when the Sesame Street account tweeted this menacing message on Wednesday.

That nearly sent Grover over the edge, and he went on an epic tweet storm that overflowed with anxiety and fear. Less than a minute after Sesame Street’s initial tweet, Grover responded thusly.

But that’s when Grover began to make sense. Why do we have to spend all of our time ranting on Twitter? Why can’t we just log off and just take in this beautiful IRL world.

A few minutes later, here was Grover’s conclusion.

At the end, Grover discovered something extraordinary, and it could be a lesson for Twitter users as a whole. The monster that we’ve been trying to fight was us the whole time. 

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