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Roseanne Barr has the hottest possible take on the 2016 election

What the actual hell, though.


Miles Klee


Remember when Roseanne Barr created that sharp-tongued, blue-collar character who delighted television viewers for a decade and forever changed the course of comedy? Sadly, some years after her hit series drew to a close, she was abducted by aliens—then replaced with some kind of politically conscious and sporadically trollish Twitter bot.      

Anyway, here’s what the sentient celebrity-approximating software had to say about the impending 2016 election, during which the United States will surely tear itself in twain.

Damn, that’s some 9/11-truther-level paranoia. But it poses an interesting question: If shadowy forces can “install” any leader they want, is it actually necessary to manipulate public opinion? We eagerly await Barr’s full-scale white paper on the topic, and any continued correspondence with this consummately thirsty individual, the first to reply to her wackadoo post.

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Update Feb. 9, 7:06pm ET: Cool, she just threatened to crucify some anti-Semite.

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