Marilyn Manson’s latest music video beheads Donald Trump lookalike

marilyn manson video

Screengrab via M0HX/YouTube

‘Say10.’ Get it?

Marilyn Manson‘s back in the news. You heard about this? 

A teaser clip for Manson’s new video “Say10” has arrived just in time for Election Day. It features him ripping pages from the Bible. Then there’s a bloody knife. Then there’s a man in a red tie who might be Donald Trump, headless. The song will be featured on Manson’s upcoming album, also titled Say10

In an interview with the Daily Beast, however, Manson said the video is meant to signify something bigger than just the current election: “It’s about the desperate acts of people who believe something that is preached by an unbeliever.” 

If you need a palette cleanser after watching the video, here’s Manson and his goth dad

H/T Pitchfork 

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