Fans just discovered Mac Miller had an Instagram account for vaping

‘Forecast today: cloudy.’


Kris Seavers


It was no secret that Mac Miller had a number of different personas. From Larry Fisherman the “nasty studio rat” to Delusional Thomas, the muse of one of his most celebrated projects, Miller invented characters to fuel his creative identity.

But as Complex reported Tuesday, fans just discovered yet another of Miller’s monikers: Lars, a regular bro with plenty of goofy vape tricks up his hoodie sleeves. Miller apparently channeled the spirit of Lars on a little-known Instagram account called  @cloudywithachanceofawesome69.

“Forecast today: cloudy,” Miller mused in the first of several videos, which were all posted over a couple of days in July 2017.

One of his “tricks” involved sticking cherry tomatoes in his nose.

And another was a three-step process: One, sip coffee. Two, take a hit from the vape. And three, spit out coffee as you exhale.

The whole Lars project seems inspired by the combination of boredom and, as he says in one video, the desire to “maximize the level of litness.” Certainly Miller achieved that and so much more.


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