Logan Paul Yosemite car crash

Logan Paul Vlogs/YouTube

Logan Paul vlogs a car crash during his trip to Yosemite

Just another day for Logan Paul.


Josh Katzowitz


To celebrate his 23rd birthday, YouTube star Logan Paul and a group of his friends traveled from Los Angeles to Yosemite National Park to hike, ride ATVs, and get stopped by the park rangers for illegally parking his bus. And on his last day on the mini-vacation, he vlogged a car crash.

Paul and his friends, aka the Logang, spent much of Thursday’s video preparing to debut their $600 kayak on a park river before Paul and his friend, Andy, tumbled out of it into the rushing water. After the two reached the shore, though, they heard a car crash and ran over to see if anybody needed help.

Despite the damage to both vehicles, it looked like nobody was seriously hurt. Soon after that, Paul and Andy returned to the river to try to recover the escaping kayak.

Since the beginning of the year, Paul has faced immense criticism for posting a video after discovering a dead body in Japan—a stunt that cost him plenty of YouTube money—for tasing a dead rat, and for joining Twitch to become a gamer.

But in this case, assuming it wasn’t faked, Paul came upon a car crash and tried to help. And he wanted you to know all about it. He’s still Logan Paul, and vlogging a car crash is still fair game in trying to attract as many pageviews as possible.

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