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Oreos licked by singer Lewis Capaldi are being auctioned off on eBay

The cookies come with a disclaimer that they are ‘no longer edible.’


Siobhan Ball


Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi grossed out the internet yesterday when he dropped a video of himself licking an entire packet of Oreos before putting them up for auction on eBay. Capaldi assured everyone that this “wasn’t some dark corner of the internet” because he was doing it in aid of music therapy charity Nordoff-Robins, and the Oreos are apparently for display only—complete with a signed glass display case. But in the world that brought us Belle Delphine’s bathwater and the men who drank it, how sure can he be that the Oreos are going to end up on display and not in someone’s belly?

Well, as it turns out, Oreo has varnished the cookies to keep them from getting disgusting in the box (might want to have shared that part in the video, Oreo, we’re just saying).

Then again Belle Delphine’s bathwater wasn’t for drinking either, but that didn’t stop some of her fans from doing so.



Despite the bidding reaching £1550, apparently, some Twitter users don’t even know who he is.


And more of them seem disgusted than enthusiastic.


One person compared the Oreo campaign to the Ariana Grande donut incident. But they’re not the same. The Oreo auction is for charity, and what she did was a health hazard. Still, there’s an aesthetic similarity.

One man felt the need to point out the hygiene implications.


Though he took it too far, as Twitter user Jord stepped in to clarify —you won’t get half of those diseases from saliva even if you were about to eat a box of varnished cookies.


He also had some defenders and even fans.


Either way, the cookies are still available for bidding if you really want them. What you do with them afterward if really up to you. (Please don’t eat them).


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