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Kylie Jenner defends her feet after they were roasted by fans

'Why her toes throwing gang signs tho.'


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Posted on Mar 4, 2020

Kylie Jenner has been busy creating content on vacation this week. But Jenner’s ever-observant followers noticed something off about one of her recent photos.

In the photo in question, Jenner is posing next to sister Kendall in blue and green bathing suits, fans noticed one of Jenner’s white-polished toes is shorter than the rest.

“So nobody gone notice her short toe?” one commenter asked on Instagram.

Another questioned why Jenner’s “toes (were) throwing gang signs tho.”

Shortly after posting the original photos, Jenner posted a zoomed-in photo of her feet to her story, with a weary face emoji above her short toe.

Jenner then posted a video explaining why her toes are different lengths. Before diving into it, Jenner first defended her feet and exclaimed, “By the way, I have cute-ass feet,” while showing off her pedicure.

Jenner explained that she broke her toe in middle school, but after it healed, it never grew back the same. It’s much smaller than her other toes. Though you can’t really tell when her feet are relaxed, Jenner showed the obvious size difference when she flexed her toes.

Jenner said when she flexes her foot, the “little guy is out of place.”

Jenner then pointed out that she wasn’t the only one with weird feet, and posted a photo of Kendall’s splayed toes, captioned, “meanwhile!!!!!! I’m sorry but wutttt.”

Though her toes may not be perfectly proportioned, you have to admire Jenner’s confidence when it comes to her feet, arguably one of the least-cute body parts known to man.


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*First Published: Mar 4, 2020, 5:26 pm CST