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Chrissy Teigen calls out fan who made weird comment about her daughter’s feet

‘Who looks at a little kid’s feet and immediately goes there? Eesh.’


Esther Bell


Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to receiving unsolicited parenting advice via social media. But she also is no stranger to clapping back at rude strangers.

Once again, someone commented on Teigen’s parenting style via Twitter. Teigen posted a video late Wednesday night painting her daughter Luna‘s toes. Teigen captioned the video “Late night pedicures with Luna and her monkey toesssss,” complete with a heart-eye emoji.

Naturally, someone on Twitter took the opportunity to comment on Luna’s feet. “So many pervs on the internet I wouldn’t post my daughter’s feet like that,” Twitter user @JazzEgger said.

Teigen was not having it. “Good so don’t,” she responded, following up with some clarification about her comment. “It’s not a clap back. It’s not a comeback. It’s not a drag. it’s not a story. just tired of u, thanks,” Teigen tweeted.

Friends and fans defended Teigen’s choice to post the video, and subsequently call out those who criticize her parenting style.

Actress and writer Niccole Thurman responded to Teigen’s tweet, “yikes being a parent online is insane mostly because people like this always have SOMETHING to say like WHY and also WHAT.”

“Honestly I’m really tired in general,” Teigen tweeted. “I can’t say anything. Anything. so I don’t. I don’t say anything like I used to. and yet even those random moments when I do…this.”

Many fans took Teigen’s side in the exchange. “Why is everyone all up in your business, criticizing?” one Twitter user asked.

“Keep that thought to yourself, lady,” another user commented.

Others pointed out how weird of a comment it was.

“This says a lot more about you than anyone. Thinking as children as sexual…… your mind went there….” Twitter user @ann7968 wrote.

“Who looks at a little kid’s feet and immediately goes there? Eesh,” another wrote.

Though Teigen may not want us to call them “clapbacks” or continue to write about them, she’s sure to keep defending herself and her kids.


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