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Juice WRLD had secret drug-littered Instagram, according to his ex-girlfriend

She said the late hip-hop star abused drugs.


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Posted on Dec 11, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 8:43 pm CDT

Juice WRLD’s ex-girlfriend Alexia Smith dropped bombshell insider information on the rapper’s drug addiction and fight with mental health issues and even allegations of domestic violence, just days after the rapper and singer’s death.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Smith reported that Juice WRLD abused drugs, taking up to three Percocet pills per day and mixing it with the drug syrup concoction popularly known as “lean.” She also reportedly said his record label helped to fuel the “Lucid Dreams” singer’s addiction, giving him both morphine and cocaine right in front of her.

“He didn’t do the coke but the point was, in the beginning, labels were fighting over him so bad they would have given him anything,” she explained.

She said that struggles with mental health led Juice WRLD, whose real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins, to start abusing prescription pills and lean—a potentially lethal mix of codeine, cough syrup, and soda.

A private Instagram account exposed by Smith to the Daily Mail revealed the apparent depths of his fight against depression and dependency on drugs and alcohol to get by.

In one of the private posts, publicized by his ex, Higgins shares screenshots of articles on depression with one titled: “How can you beat depression without having friends and family to support you? Is it possible?”

He captioned the post: “Question of the century… no answer.”

“Even when he had every reason to be happy, he still wasn’t and obviously that’s mental illness,” his ex-girlfriend explained.

She added: “If you have family, girlfriend, money, you have the job that you want but you’re still unhappy at that point, your brain isn’t working properly and you need professional help.”

Smith claims their relationship quickly deteriorated after the artist decided to try to get clean and started going through withdrawal symptoms. For Higgins, the decision to try to stop abusing drugs apparently came after he was performing a tribute to his friends XXXTentacion and Lil Peep, who died after consuming a Xanax which contained fentanyl, and after a fan in the crowd reportedly threw fake pills at him onstage.

“It was really messed up. Someone took 20 fake Xanax and threw it at him onstage,” Smith recalled. “He never took Xanax again after that. That’s when he decided to get completely clean, but he couldn’t.”

But his attempt to get clean never panned out. Instead, while going through withdrawal, his ex claimed Higgins became more violent.

In a since-deleted YouTube video she made at the time of the breakup, Smith accused the artist of slamming her against the ground and squeezing her so hard that it left bruises, among other violent acts.

“Jarad never beat me, he never put a fist to my body, but he has definitely picked me off the ground slamming me into the wall and squeezing me so tight that I had bruises all over my arms,” she said. “He shoved me into a bathtub where I hit my head on the wall when we were fighting on the tour bus it was to the point that his friends had to pull him off of me and I ended up with the bruise and cuts.”

Juice WRLD died this week in Chicago. An autopsy is planned for Monday by Cook County, according to TMZ.

This story has been updated.


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*First Published: Dec 11, 2019, 11:10 am CST