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Influencer Ruby May gets revenge on her male trolls with Instagram account

Her responses are brilliant.


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Posted on Jan 28, 2020   Updated on May 19, 2021, 4:50 pm CDT

This Instagram star discovered a priceless way to hit back at her haters.

Ruby May, a 23-year-old U.K. native who’s lived in Sydney for several years, earns money through her Instagram page and on OnlyFans. She has gained a whopping 1 million Instagram followers thanks to her bold photos and curvaceous body. According to Daily Star, she earns upwards of $5,500 a week by selling explicit photos of herself on OnlyFans.

But trolls are quick to follow in the wake of any successful person, and May is no exception. The more popular the young Instagram model has become, the more haters she gains. Each new photo she posts spurs internet users with nothing better to do to attempt to troll May. In response, she created an entire Instagram account dedicated to her haters.

“I receive a lot of messages and comments, some of them are even funny,” May told Daily Star. “So I started an entire Instagram @nohatethough dedicated to them.”

Ruby May’s Instagram page @nohatethough hits back at the haters

The description for the Instagram page is concise and to the point. “Collection of messages and comments from men who just wanna see titties.”

The comments and private messages range from amusing to outright rude, but May has approached them all with a sense of humor. In response to one user who called her a “queer bait mother fucker,” May wrote, “okay settle down.”

May treats outright abuse with grace. One post, captioned “Happy Tuesday,” reveals a man who believes that her body is “useless” if she doesn’t “give” it to someone.

Ruby May’s DMs run the gamut from sexual, to illogical, to violent

A number of the featured messages are hilariously sexual. One man offered to kiss her vagina “until my tongue is scalded.”

A shocking number of commenters don’t appear to understand how breasts work. For the uninformed: Large breasts do not equal large quantities of milk.

Some of the messages are just outright rude. “You look like a homeless toddler,” one person wrote. “If this isn’t a mood I don’t know what is,” May quipped.

Another commenter called May “petty” and “pathetic” and urged her to “walk into oncoming traffic.” In response, May wrote, “I don’t often post the really horrible messages, but I just wonder how sad your life must be if you’re offended or upset by a girl on Instagram taking bikini pictures and trying to get people to eat less meat.”

Other women find validation in Ruby May’s @nohatethough Instagram account

The account has evolved to a place where many women of Instagram gather to discuss the trolling and abuse that has become common in the online sphere.

nohatethough comments

Meanwhile, May’s Instagram now stands as an archive of online harassment and trolling. At the very least, we hope these men walk away with a better understanding of how breasts work.


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*First Published: Jan 28, 2020, 10:32 am CST