Everyone on the internet just learned Idris Elba is also a DJ


Coachella on Wednesday announced the official 2019 lineup, which features exciting headliners including Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala.

As people read the small print, they were surprised to find Idris Elba among the performers. Elba is best known as an actor, which is why it was confusing to see him on the lineup for a music festival. He’s been on The OfficeThe Wire, Luther, and many other popular shows.

“Wait, why is Idris Elba a part of the lineup?! Lol,” one Twitter user asked.

Some didn’t care what he’d be doing. They just want to see People’s 2018 “Sexiest Man Alive” do anything. “I would deadass pay $500 to see Idris Elba stand still on a stage and just breathe into a microphone, so please tell me what this man finna do at Coachella I’m losing my fucking mind,” one person said.

One person helpfully explained Elba’s side gig is DJing.

“Are we just going to ignore the fact that Idris Elba is a DJ in his spare time and is on the Coachella line up??” they said.

Can you believe? Apparently a little-known fact, but Elba sometimes talks about his DJ career on Twitter. Last July, he posted a video that featured part of one of his shows in Brooklyn.

In August, he tweeted a photo where he is DJing with a link to his new tracks.

It seems he really can do it all.


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Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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