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Hackers say they’ve leaked sex tapes of Logan and Jake Paul’s dad

'We’ve got a lot of stuff we’re going to keep releasing in the coming weeks.'


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Posted on Sep 17, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 6:20 am CDT

The hackers claiming responsibility for a leaked sex tape allegedly involving Logan and Jake Paul‘s father revealed their motivation to the Daily Dot: They just don’t like the YouTube stars.

The group calls itself Digital Gangsters and posts under @e_lords on Twitter. They said they recently hacked into Greg Paul’s AOL email account. So far, Digital Gangsters has posted four sexually explicit videos of a man and woman having sex and a supposed email from Pam Stepnick, the mother of the Paul brothers, to her sons. Digital Gangsters said the man in the videos is Greg Paul, and it also claims to have an email he sent to himself featuring explicit photos of naked women.

“We wanted to see how far we could go [with the hack]. We obviously got pretty far,” the hackers told the Daily Dot on Monday afternoon. “We don’t really like him. We don’t like the Paul’s.”

Greg Paul did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It has not been proven that the videos are of Greg Paul, and it’s unclear who the woman is. As Newsweek points out, though, some on the internet claim the headboard on the bed in the video matches the headboard previously seen in a Greg Paul Instagram post.

Digital Gangsters has a relatively small following on Twitter—or at least they did before they started releasing videos—but the news of the hack and the supposed sex tape leak caught plenty of attention after it was covered by YouTube gossip channels Drama Alert and Kavos, both of which combine for 5.2 million subscribers.

In an Instagram post earlier this month, Greg Paul said he had been hacked and then offered the hacker a job. “This hacker dude is something else,” Paul said. “He’s crazy smart. I learned a lot from him. Hacking is actually an adult way of bullying. I don’t know why the guy does it. He doesn’t get any real recognition for it. He’s not really messing up my life that bad. I’m just not that important. I learned a lot from him. I learned about some ways to prevent hacking.

“But dude, if you’re out there, reach out to me. The guy still has my AOL account. Give back my AOL account. Include your information there, because I want to hire you. We can use your smarts and skillsets in a positive way and probably make you a shit ton of legit money.”

Whether or not Greg Paul was OK with getting hacked, the woman in the clips had no say or agency in the leaked revenge porn.

Digital Gangsters told the Daily Dot they reached out to Greg Paul after he posted his job offer. They said he offered to fly the group to meet him, but they backed away when he said he wanted them to sign contracts.

Jake and Logan Paul are two of YouTube’s biggest superstars, and Greg has carved out a considerable following on social media as well. He has nearly 550,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 186,000 people subscribe to his YouTube channel. Like father, like sons, he’s also been embroiled in some controversy. Nick Crompton, the former COO of Team 10, accused Greg Paul of being a major reason why he and others have left Jake Paul’s YouTube incubator group. In the buildup to the Logan Paul-KSI boxing match, Greg Paul was punched in the head from behind by an overzealous fan.

Digital Gangsters said they were inspired to try to hack him after watching him during his sons’ boxing matches in London last month. “Honestly,” they said, “we just wanted to fuck about.”

Greg Paul has not been active on social media since the alleged tape was leaked, and neither of his sons have commented on the matter. A Daily Dot message to Team 10 was not immediately returned.

But Digital Gangsters said they weren’t finished releasing material on Greg Paul.

“We’ve got a lot of stuff we’re going to keep releasing in the coming weeks,” they said. “This is happening no matter what.”

Editor’s note: This story has been updated for clarity and context.

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*First Published: Sep 17, 2018, 2:34 pm CDT