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Hulu’s Fyre Fest documentary throws serious shade at Netflix’s

Hulu upstages Netflix.


Trixie Reyna


Posted on Jan 15, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 9:32 pm CDT

Fyre Festival—the 2017 event that turned out to be one huge scam that victimized rich millennials—is trending on Twitter once again almost two years after it was all everyone could talk about because of two new documentaries about it from Hulu and Netflix.

The apparent “feud” between these two Fyre Festival documentaries are a huge part of the reason Twitter users are talking about it. Hulu surprised everyone by releasing Fyre Fraud days ahead of the announced premiere of Netflix’s own film, Fyre—and on the same day, the review embargo was lifted for the latter. Hulu didn’t stop there.

The bigger shade Hulu threw Netflix’s original documentary is found at the end of Fyre Fraud, where it reveals that Fyre is produced by the same group that marketed the doomed festival, something the Daily Dot has mentioned in its review of the Netflix original.

Naturally, it did not escape Twitter’s attention, as user @sagesurge points out:

In fact, Hulu’s revelation about Netflix’s Fyre at the end of Fyre Fraud was the “most interesting part” to a lot of users:





While many have been waiting for Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary to come out so they can watch the drama surrounding the disastrous event unfold on film (and “laugh at rich kids getting scammed”), it seems the two streaming platforms’ “feuding documentaries” have upstaged their very subject. Twitter is “obsessed,” as user @antonio_s_t points out:



User @rachsyme thinks “the Fyre Festival documentary war is becoming a… Fyre Festival.”


Meanwhile, people are commending Hulu for the “win.”

Regardless of Hulu’s alleged efforts to undermine Netflix’s Fyre, users have declared they will watch both documentaries, which USA Today considers “companion pieces,” each one bringing to light different facts about the festival. Chrissy Teigen echoed everyone’s fascination with the Fyre Festival documentaries when she tweeted, “Thank you to those of you who endured Fyre Fest, thus making these movies possible. We owe you. Thank you for your service and I am truly sorry they screwed you so hard.”


It remains to be seen how Netflix will respond to Hulu’s shady moves, if any new player will throw a more controversial Fyre Festival documentary into the ring, or if this week is the last time #FyreFestival will ever trend on Twitter.


H/T USA Today

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*First Published: Jan 15, 2019, 6:52 am CST