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‘Put a chain around me and I’ll hold your stuff for you’: Frankie Muniz asks to be Lizzo’s purse

'u have joined horny twitter, welcome. glad to have you.'


Dominic-Madori Davis


Posted on Sep 25, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 2:53 am CDT

Frankie Muniz, the child star of the former hit sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, made an interesting (and kinky?) offer to Lizzo Wednesday morning.

Muniz tweeted to the singer, asking if he could be her “accessory,” more specifically, her “purse.”

“Hey Lizzo, lemme be your accessory. I can be a purse… put a chain around me and I’ll hold your stuff for you… just sayin,” Muiz tweeted.

Even though it certainly is one of the weirder tweets we have seen come out of the platform, users were seemingly on board with Muniz’ offer. Many loved his “honesty,” “horniness,” and “kinkiness.”

“u have joined horny twitter, welcome. glad to have you,” Twitter user @moristiko wrote.

Some even sent Muniz words of encouragement and urged Lizzo to respond and take him up on his offer.

“Malcom it looks like you’re looking for a dominatrix……” Twitter user @EliShone wrote.

Others, however, were a bit shocked with Muniz’ candid offer, especially since he was having those thoughts so early in the morning.

“Bro you can’t be horny like this on main especially not 8 in the morning,” Twitter user @Grizzlynoab wrote.

It doesn’t appear Lizzo has seen Muniz’ offer just yet (either that or she’s ignoring it). She has been on tour for her latest hit album Cuz I Love You, which spawned the critically acclaimed song “Juice” and revived interest in her old song “Truth Hurts.”

Muniz, on the other hand, has been making YouTube videos with his fiancé Paige Price, and recently starred in a steamy new thriller called Black String Movie.

 “Maybe shouldn’t have called that singles sex hotline,” he tweeted about the movie.

Maybe this is where he got the idea to be Lizzo’s “purse” from?


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*First Published: Sep 25, 2019, 6:08 pm CDT