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Floyd Mayweather savages 50 Cent on Instagram

‘I know where all your bones are buried.’


Josh Katzowitz


Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent used to be friends. Those days are apparently long over.

In the past few months, the rapper has been sued for posting revenge porn by an ex, and he mocked Terry Crews for being a victim of sexual assault. Now, 50 Cent is being savaged by Mayweather, the best boxer of his generation and a former business partner.

In an Instagram post that, as of this writing, has been liked more than 210,000 times, Mayweather blasts 50 Cent for having a difficult relationship with his oldest son’s mother, for not having a hit song “in who knows when,” for stealing Ja-Rule’s style, for “living in a fucking apartment in Jersey,” and for being a “certified snitch.”

Mayweather also said—and this hurts on a personal level—that 50 Cent should just become a blogger because “it’s obvious you don’t have nothing going on in your life.”

Wrote Mayweather: “You’re always talking about somebody is broke, but the last time I checked it was Curtis Jackson that filed for bankruptcy not Floyd Mayweather. … I know where all your bones are buried, so be easy Curtis Jackson! And by the way, don’t ask to borrow no more money from me.”

50 Cent responded by bringing up Mayweather’s domestic violence issues.


Mayweather continued his insults, writing “Hoes will come and go, but bloodline is forever! You want to address the world, but forget to address your first born. Don’t worry Marquise, Uncle Floyd still got you! I would hold little man down too, but you’re still not sure if he really belongs to you.”

50 Cent responded to that by saying he was “making shit up.”


And while the feud might be entertaining, keep this in mind. In the past, 50 Cent admitted that his former feuds with Mayweather were essentially made up.

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