Dane Cook jokes about the 27-year age gap with his girlfriend

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Comedian Dane Cook hasn’t been coy about his relationship with 19-year-old singer Kelsi Taylor. The 46-year-old has posted photos of the two on Instagram and left some overt comments on her photos. Cook once again took to Instagram for a Q&A on Monday, answering questions from fans about their relationship.

The two have been together for more than a year, and the first photo of them is from April 2017, which hopefully made Taylor 18 when they started dating. But during the Q&A, Cook gave fans a little more insight into how they met: “We met at a gamenight I host at my place,” he wrote. “We were friends for a while & soon after fell in like with each [sic] and then upgraded to love.” Cook does not specify how near the age of consent Taylor was when they “upgraded to love.”

Cook, who most recently starred in AMC’s American Gods, said that while his “family pretty much all died years ago,” his sister Courtney and his girlfriend are friends. Asked about that the age gap between Cook and Taylor, it appears he’s already looking toward the future: “The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart.”

Well, that joke certainly landed better than some of the ones from this set.


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Audra Schroeder

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