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Finally, Colin Kaepernick and Harambe in one song

‘Harambe swag. Kaepernick swag.’


Audra Schroeder


The internet’s calls for justice can be random and fleeting, or concentrated and passionate. This summer, the ape known as Harambe experienced the latter as we virtually tried to keep his spirit aflame. What other trending topic could he be memed into? 

Colin Kaepernick, naturally. 

The new song “Harambe Kaepernick” holds hands with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who set off a national conversation about pet tortoises and what we’re supposed to do during the national anthem. 

Posted by Dope John Paul III, who appears as both Kaepernick and Harambe, the video asks for justice and equality. Sample lyrics from emcee Infinite: “When the anthem is on, do you stand up in your home?/Got me feelin’ like Colin, ballin’, haters dictatin’ like Stalin/Diggin’ for the truth like a miner/Fucking feelin’ like a 49er.”

DJP and Infinite also teamed up on a Hillary-Harambe joint, for maximum SEO.

DJP is hardly the first artist to turn Harambe into performance: This summer was filled with shout-outs and tributes. Harambe, it seems, is the multipurpose thread for any contentious or bittersweet pop-culture moment. And this isn’t the first time his image has entered the sports world. 

We’ve reached out to DJP for comment.

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