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Carrie Fisher thinks Donald Trump is a ‘coke head’

‘I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY.’


Nidia Cavazos


There is surely a good reason for Donald Trump’s sniffling during the presidential debates. But according to Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, it’s cocaine.

Viewers turned to Twitter to question Trump’s constant sniffling during the past two debates. When a Fisher fan asked her to confirm whether it was due to cocaine use, Fisher firmly said yes on Monday.

Fisher based her answer on her past experiences as a drug user, of which she has spoken openly. She was not the only one to make such an assumption: Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, raised the possibility of Trump being a drug user shortly after the first debate last month.

On Sunday Forbes published 11 alternative explanations to Trump’s sniffling. They might not be as newsworthy, but something as simple as allergies could be the true reason.

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