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Brother Nature was attacked, says everyone just watched with phones out

Video shows Brother Nature being attacked while in a pizza shop.


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Dec 7, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 8:59 pm CDT

A video has surfaced showing Brother Nature, a social media personality who became famous for befriending wild animals, being brutally beaten in a pizza shop in Florida.

The video shows Brother Nature, whose real name is Kelvin Peña, on the floor of La Sandwicherie in Miami, not fighting back as another man repeatedly kicks him in the head. Bystanders can be heard telling the man to stop, but nobody steps in.

“I know there’s a video out of me getting jumped, everyone in the pizza shop literally just watched, with their phones out, and did nothing,” Brother Nature tweeted. “Oh well.”

The rest of the video shows the same man assaulting Brother Nature yet again in the parking lot.

The alleged assailant goes by the name of @phatdabb_gmn on Twitter, and reportedly posted videos of the incident to his own account, alongside a tweet claiming that he “beat the dog shit outta brother nature in la Sandwicherie.” The tweet and original videos have since been deleted.

The Daily Mail claimed that one of the videos deleted by phatdabb_gmn showed Brother Nature asking to order food at La Sandwicherie when it appeared as though the shop was getting ready to close for the night, something the attacker then used as an excuse to beat the internet personality up. That particular video does not seem to have resurfaced as of yet.

Brother Nature rose to fame after a video of him befriending a deer he named Canela went viral. He has continued to win over the internet by befriending and helping all sorts of wild animals, earning him the moniker Brother Nature, as well as a reputation for being a gentle and positive influencer.

In fact, the attack on Brother Nature took place while he was in Miami helping with a beach clean-up project, only a month after he posted on Instagram that he was recovering from a severe form of malaria.

And while the people in the shop may not have done much to help the 21-year-old while he was being assaulted, fans online are certainly sharing their outrage.

“Bruh beat up Brother Nature like it was some accomplishment, you beat up a dude who feeds Deer in the forest,” Twitter user @JonMarcell_ wrote. “You get no cool points for that.”

Another compared bragging about beating up Brother Nature to bragging about beating up Mr. Rogers, LeVar Burton, or Bob Ross.

“Why don’t yall Floridians have the same energy with George Zimmerman but y’all attacking unproblematic ass Brother Nature? 2019 is cancelled,” Twitter user @1stOfHisName questioned.

Twitter user @itsvlexis pointed out that Brother Nature was “clearly not fighting back.”

“He’s curled up trying to protect himself… brother nature is genuine kind guy. Those ppl in the restaurant didn’t even help him smh. I hope that guy gets his ass beat,” itsvlexis tweeted.


Many are encouraging Brother Nature to report the incident to the Miami Police Department. Some are even sharing the videos and phatdabb_gmn’s deleted, incriminating tweets with the Miami Police Department’s Twitter account.

Brother Nature has yet to comment any further on the incident.


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*First Published: Dec 7, 2019, 2:45 pm CST