People are joking that Bradley Cooper will pee himself at the Oscars if 'A Star is Born' wins an award.

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Will Bradley Cooper pee onstage with Lady Gaga at the Oscars?

He said the performance would be ‘unorthodox.’


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Amid Oscar buzz for A Star is Bornpeople on Twitter are joking that Bradley Cooper might pee himself at the Academy Awards to fully embody his character Jackson Maine.

Since its debut, A Star is Born has been a probable Oscar contender. The song “Shallow” from the film could be the ticket to winning Best Original Song, and the songs nominated are typically performed live during the award show. Cooper was recently asked if he would perform the song with Lady Gaga if it’s nominated, and he said he’s already planning the performance.

“We talked about that actually, because I’m such a maniac,” Cooper told Variety. “I started texting her the whole pitch of how we should do it. So we’ll see. There might be a cool, unorthodox way we could perform it.”

Taking some leaps about the meaning of an “unorthodox” performance, some questioned whether he’ll pee onstage (in the film, Cooper’s character drunkenly wets himself as Lady Gaga’s Ally accepts a Grammy).

People responded with their predictions, and many agreed that “he gone pee.”

“He’s gonna piss his pants … calling it now,” another person said.

Others are conflicted about whether watching Cooper soil himself is something they want to see. “I’m not saying I want him to wet himself onstage, but I’m not saying I DON’T want him to wet himself onstage either,” one person wrote.

Even though everyone seems to be making the same pee joke, one person asserted that they’re all pretty funny. “I’ve seen 10,000 different variations of the joke that he’s gonna be on stage and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them,” the user said.

Let’s all pray A Star is Born is nominated for the Oscar so we can find out if Cooper will, in fact, pee on live TV.


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