Amber Tamblyn as Donald Trump

Screengrab via Lip Sync Battle on Spike / YouTube


While Donald Trump refused to say whether he’d concede to Hillary Clinton (along with plenty of other gaffes) at the final presidential debate Wednesday night, he put on a different kind of performance on Lip Sync Battle.

That came in the form of actress Amber Tamblyn, who dressed up as Trump—complete with a wig and an orange face—and lip-synced Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up.” It’s notable not for Tamblyn’s lip-syncing capabilities, but rather the lap dance she gives to America Ferrera (after all, her Trump wants to make “America” great again).

It’s not the first time Lip Sync Battle, which is still a fairly new celebrity competition series, has taken on Trump. Josh Gad performed “I Touch Myself” as Trump in a January episode that involved lip-syncing to his own reflection, backup Trump dancers, and making out with Johnny Galecki, who was also dressed as Trump. Both of which will soon haunt our nightmares.

We’re 19 more days of Trump gags away from the election!

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