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Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube

Josh Gad and Johnny Galecki made out while they were both dressed as Donald Trump

Or, a look into Donald Trump’s mind.


Michelle Jaworski


Turning what could be a simple lip-sync performance into a spectacle is par for the course on Lip Sync Battle, but Josh Gad raised the stakes—and may have sparked some nightmares along the way—with a Donald Trump–inspired performance.

Dressed as Trump, Gad performed “I Touch Myself,” and it was as self-obsessed and over-the-top as you can imagine. He reaches out to a mirror, caresses his reflection, has a line of Trump dancers to copy his every move, and even pulls a Miley Cyrus by hopping on a wrecking ball wearing a toupee.

But he (ahem) trumps himself by bringing out Kaley Cuoco’s Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki for the big finish. If Trump can debate himself, then why not kiss himself?

Screengrab via Lip Sync Battle on Spike/YouTube

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