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Adele fans blast media for being obsessed with singer’s apparent weight loss

‘Are you kidding me?’


Alex Dalbey


Advocates for body positivity and fans of Adele are expressing their frustration after she shared Christmas party pictures—and media outlets focused on her apparent weight loss.

On Monday evening Adele shared some pictures from her Christmas party on Instagram, looking elegant as always in a black satin dress and posing with the Grinch and Santa Claus. “We both tried to ruin Christmas but then both our hearts grew! Thank you for coming to my party and making us feel like kids Grinch 💚,” the singer wrote. “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.”

While several outlets noted her ’50s-inspired look with poofy sleeves and wavy hair, others focused on weight loss, using words and phrases like “glam transformation” and “glow up.” Others said she was “flaunting” or “showing off” her weight loss.

For those who have always seen Adele as beautiful, these responses to her Christmas pictures were insulting and condescending.

“Adele was beautiful before. Is beautiful now. Will be beautiful WHATEVERTHEFUCK weight she will be in the future,” said actress Jameela Jamil, who has been outspoken against body shame. “The weight of a global icon trending is a sign there is still work to do in how we value women in 2020. Being thinner doesn’t add to her value.”

Adele’s fashion has long been classic and elegant, which lends extra credence to criticism of those saying she has transformed. Other people contrasted the praise Adele is getting now with the criticism Lizzo has been getting for being positive about her body.

For Adele fans seeing her name trending on Twitter wasn’t just disappointing because of the fat-shaming; Adele’s last album was released in 2015, and people are eager for new music from the artist. On her birthday this year, she teased her new album, writing on Instagram, “30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you,” and the rumors say a new album is expected this month.


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