Why memes stop being funny

‘Three Days of Christmas’ is a delightfully dark holiday alternative to Hallmark
'Three Days of Christmas' is a delightful surprise this holiday season, a grown-up treat for drama fans looking for a break from Hallmark.

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As more and more Internet memes appear online, we seem to tire or get annoyed with them faster than the ones before it. There’s plenty of reason for that and much of it is how it’s being spread, explains PBS Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta in a new video.

Even though we were overexposed to plenty of overdone jokes and quotes before the rise of memes like Doge, we don’t get that same anger when we hear a knock-knock jokes that we do with yet another uncreative photo with text on it.

“The Internet meme itself—at least as far as we know it—is in that awkward cultural adolescence of having been new and cool only five or six years ago when YouTube was only 3-years-old and Twitter and Tumblr were just born,” Rugnetta said.

And when we’re online all day every day, no matter how much we like a meme, we get visual exhaustion from just by its sheer volume, even if you’re viewing a rare decent photo or video.

Maybe taking an Internet breather might do you some good.

H/T Laughing Squid | Photo via PBS Idea Channel/YouTube

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Michelle Jaworski

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