CNN talking head roasted by Beyhive for comparing Trump comments to ‘Formation’ lyrics

betsy mccaughey beyonce formation

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Anyone appearing on TV to defend Donald Trump over leaked audio of his bragging about sexual assault had a fine—if not entirely invisible—line to walk. Most everyone who tried simply tripped over their own diseased logic and faceplanted in front of the nation.

So Betsy McCaughey, former Lieutenant Governor of New York, deserves some special credit for failing harder than your average Trump surrogate. Speaking on CNN, she first maligned the “lewd and bawdy language” of hip-hop, prompting Don Lemon to point out that no rappers are currently running for president. Not content to take the L there, McCaughey pushed further, saying it was total “high-pocracy” that Hillary Clinton would express horror at Trump’s comments while exalting Beyoncé, whose lyrics once mentioned getting food at the casual dining chain Red Lobster after a particularly decent bout of marital sex.

Of course, we all know what happens when you kick the Beyhive. You get stung. A lot. For hours on end.

In fact, McCaughey might not want to come back to Twitter… like, ever. Because nobody’s forgetting this.

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And as for Facebook, well, the Beyhive appears to have swarmed McCaughey’s page there as well.

Oh well. It’s not like you can’t lead a rich, full life entirely disconnected from the internet—right, Betsy? 

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