Tom Brady posts atrocious photoshop of himself with Jay Z’s hands

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Tom Brady photoshop Jay-Z

Screengrab via Tom Brady/Facebook


Tom Brady has a love for Jay Z’s music. Last year the NFL quarterback walked out to “Public Service Announcement” during a game against the Green Back Packers, and has claimed that the rapper is his choice for go-to music.

But maybe he’s taking his love for Hova a little overboard.

On Wednesday Brady shared a photo of his new merchandise, a black-on-black “TB12” hat. What is even more interesting are the hands holding the cap:

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Yup, someone digitally altered Brady’s face onto the cover of Jay Z’s 2003  LP, The Black Album—complete with Jay’s hands. Just look at the original photo

As of this writing, this comically bad artwork has more than 1,700 Facebook shares. It’s weird and ridiculous, but also kinda cool: Even heartthrob superstars love to post nerdy fanart. 

H/T Eddie Strait

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