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The internet is destroying this photo of 13 Republicans giving a thumbs up

Who’s got 16 thumbs up and maybe just farted? These guys!


Monica Riese

Internet Culture

There’s nothing Donald Trump loves more than giving a thumbs up to the camera… besides maybe his efforts to dismantle Obama-era legislation. And people who agree with him. 

This photo combines all three!

Posted to the @POTUS Twitter account Thursday, this photo was reportedly snapped just after Trump signed House Joint Resolution 38, which blocks the “Stream Protection Rule” that was finalized in December. To celebrate, the president and surrounding onlookers tossed up an array of thumbs-ups of questionable quality.

Twitter, of course, has turned it into a caption contest.

The suggestions range from on-the-nose current-events commentary to abundantly morbid, wildly speculative, and of course, NSFW.

If you’re able to look past the thumbs and the overwhelming whiteness, however, a few more Easter eggs are buried in the shot. Look at the left hand of the man standing to the left of the guy in the orange tie. Is he trying to reach out and touch the president? Did he forget how to make a thumbs up with both hands at once? The world may never know.

Rule of thumb: If a dick can be added to a photo, a dick will be added to the photo.

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