T-Rex goes to gym

Screencap via YouTube

If 2015 was the year of the horse mask, 2016 belongs to T-rex.

Surely you remember the state of the Internet a few years ago, when @Horse_ebooks was the king of Twitter and everyone was snapping selfies in horse masks. It was a beautiful time—one that we’d vicariously relive in a moment (though perhaps without the crushing reveal of @Horse_ebooks’s true identity).

But there may be a new contender for the Internet’s greatest costume on the subreddit T-rex Gone Wild. The Reddit community is gathering the best uses for the costume—an inflatable T-rex outfit released in tandem with Jurassic World—and the pictures remind us of the joy of those early horse-mask days.

What beauty. If you read the Amazon reviews for the adult costume—which, sadly, is heavily marked up at $120—you’ll see a similar gallery of hilarious photos.

While $120 is a little pricey for a costume, when you can get this much joy out of turning yourself into a dinosaur, money becomes no object.

Behind Reddit’s weird obsession with horse masks
Definitive proof that social news site Reddit takes all kinds can be found at the surprisingly popular subreddit, r/HorseMask.
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