sean spicer press briefing: spicer says manafort had limited role

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Facts play a ‘very limited role’ in new Sean Spicer meme

This is one of Sean Spicer’s boldest assertions of incorrect facts ever.


David Covucci

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As noted by Joe Scarbourgh yesterday on Twitter, it is very hard to make declarative statements about the Trump administration because of their propensity to constantly one-up themselves.

So it’s impossible for anyone to say that what Sean Spicer said in his press briefing yesterday will be the most astonishing thing ever uttered at the podium, but it sure is head-scratching. Speaking about investigations by the FBI into contacts with Russia by members of the Trump camp, Spicer said that Donald Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort had a “limited role” in the Trump’s actual campaign.

For those scoring at home with “facts,” Manafort joined the campaign in March 2016, and by April it was assumed he was running the show, wresting control away from Corey Lewandowski. Manafort then departed the campaign in late August, due to his ties to pro-Russian politicians in the Ukraine. That would mean that six out of the 17 months of the campaign, Manafort was running the campaign.

Limited, indeed.

Naturally, Twitter ran with it.

While we can’t say this will be the best meme Spicer ever gives us, we can say with certainty it was pretty good.

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