PRIDEMONTH rainbow design in front of dark grey background

Remix by Caterina Cox

‘priDEMONth’ is the first meme of Pride Month 2023

Originating with a far-right homophobe, this demonic Pride logo became a meme among queer Twitter users.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Internet Culture

Posted on Jun 1, 2023

Conservative Twitter is not exactly known for its artistic prowess, but last week a former GOP senatorial candidate posted a truly dynamite piece of graphic design. Its ensuing popularity with queer Twitter users was, however, entirely accidental.

Far-right conspiracy theorist, QAnon advocate, and outspoken homophobe Lauren Witzke tweeted what she intended to be an anti-LGBTQ graphic on May 26, highlighting the middle five letters of “Pride Month” to reveal the word “demon.”

Despite the much-bemoaned problem of people publicly dunking on politically objectionable content and thus promoting it to a wider audience, this graphic proved too tempting to resist. Witzke had unintentionally shared a piece of genuinely cool Pride-related art—and it turns out the original image was actually created by a trans artist who is selling priDEMONth merch on Redbubble.

So while Witzke was trying to use this Twitter thread to raise money for her “lawsuit to defend free speech against the LGBTQ Mafia,” most of the responses are from queer people drawing Pride Demon fanart, promoting the original artist, and generally making fun of Witzke.

The priDEMONth memes quickly made their way into fandom spaces, first with people posting their favorite queer demon characters, and then with a spinoff meme highlighting the fact that Pride Month also includes the word “emo.” So is your fav a priDEMONth, or a pridEMOnth kind of character? Or both?

This year’s anti-Pride backlash already feels unusually grim, as conspiracy theories about “Satanic” Pride merch grow increasingly mainstream. In that context, there’s a morbid undertone to the humor here. But there’s also a long tradition of people reclaiming this kind of language as a source of satire, and in the end… well, the priDEMONth logo does look good on a T-shirt.
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*First Published: Jun 1, 2023, 10:52 am CDT