Now you can pin text with Pin A Quote

Who needs  sticky notes when Adam Rotman's new browser addition can turn text into Pinterest-ready images?  


Lauren Rae Orsini

Internet Culture

Published Mar 6, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 8:30 pm CDT

First, we told you Pinterest wasn’t just for women. Now, we’ve discovered the image-sharing board isn’t even just for sharing images—but text for as well.

Pin A Quote is a new browser addition that allows users to pin text just as easily as images. Just highlight any text on any Web page, click the “Pin A Quote” bookmarklet, and your quote is converted into a Pinterest-ready image to add to any board.

Its creator, Adam Rotman, guessed correctly that there was a demand for pinning text. In the 24-hour period since he launched the service, over a hundred users have pinned quotes in several languages.

“I’m not exactly sure how many people have installed it, but there’s a ton of images being generated,” Rotman told the Daily Dot. “I launched the site late Sunday night and there already seems to be a nice bunch of quotes.”

Rotman isn’t much of a Pinterest user himself. Just look at his Pinterest profile.

But he said he thought up the service after watching his fiancé, Lauren, get sucked in by Pinterest.

“I recently saw that a lot of people were posting images of quotes to Pinterest,” he blogged. “So I started thinking it would be cool if people could highlight text anywhere on the web and make their own image-quotes from the text.”

Now that he’s confirmed the demand, Rotman plans to expand the tool. For example, right now you can only pin quotes in one font and color.

“Allowing users to select from a list of fonts and maybe a colour picker for the text and the background would be great,” he told the Daily Dot. “I plan to gauge the response to this first release and see if lots of people are using it. If they are, lots of new features could be on the way. All I can say is, the response in the first 24 hours has been incredible—I love how people are really enjoying the concept of it.”

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*First Published: Mar 6, 2012, 12:05 pm CST