People want to have sex with the green M&M

Screengrab via mmschocolate/Instagram

Who is she?

I remember being in elementary and middle school and my peers having crushes on cartoon characters. Kim Possible, Penny Proud, and LaCienega Boulevardez were some of the most talked about by all the guys. You could blame it on being a kid and having a vivid imagination, but adults actually have crushes on cartoon characters too.

In particular, the green M&M. Many tweets populating the internet refer to the green M&M as a modern-day sex symbol. Yes, people actually, constantly talk about wanting to fuck a chocolate candy.

The green M&M has it all. Not only is she one of the only two women in the group, but her high-heel boots, thick eyelashes, and big eyes mimic that of modern beauty standards. She appears to be younger and more flirtatious than Ms. Brown, the other female M&M, whose eyes are hidden by glasses and who always appears to be bored.

Would you smash either, though? If so, you’re certainly not alone. 

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