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NASA’s new GIPHY page is out of this world

Astronauts eating tacos is just want the internet needed.


Sarah Weber

Internet Culture

Yeah, NASA technically runs America’s space program, but most people on the internet know the agency’s real talent is for hosting fun social media accounts and posting mind-blowing photos

Now the space agency is taking its mission to give us cool stuff a step further, launching a brand new GIPHY account earlier this week. True to form, in addition to mesmerizing images of the Earth and space, NASA is sharing GIFs of astronauts eating tacos, spiders creeping on their cameras, and Star Trek‘s Enterprise firing up the warp drive. 

NASA, you really understand us. The above GIFs are just a small selection of what’s already on NASA’s GIPHY page, so be sure to bookmark that sucker for a surefire way to cheer yourself up next time you’re feeling the Monday afternoon blues. 

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