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Nastywomengets** redirects to Hillary’s website, thanks to one supporter

Expert-level trolling.


Nayomi Reghay

Internet Culture

When presidential hopeful Donald Trump called opponent Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” last night, the jab was ignored by both Clinton and moderator Chris Wallace. But Clinton supporters didn’t take the snide remark so lightly. Feminists quickly reclaimed the moniker, custom T-shirt makers jumped at the opportunity, and a new domain name appeared that left the Twitter-verse in stitches.

While many speculated that Clinton’s brilliant digital team was behind the domain-name purchase, that honor actually belongs to Clinton supporter Jeff Meltz.

Meltz, who works in social media but has no official affiliation with the Clinton campaign, was watching the debate and live-tweeting his sentiments.

“Right as the debate was happening, like 9:15 or so, I tweeted the SNL ‘bitches get stuff done’ GIF. Hillary always has to deal with being called harsh and a bitch so I had that in my head,” Meltz told the Daily Dot.

A long-time supporter, Meltz voted for Clinton in the primary, and voted for her long ago when she ran for the New York senate. When Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman,” Meltz, like many Clinton supporters, was offended.

“I think it was a horrible comment. It just proves easily how unfit Trump is to do practically anything,” Meltz said. But instead of stewing, Meltz channeled his anger into a joke. Within 15 minutes Meltz had purchased the domain and was live.

“I wasn’t thinking that the domain would actually propagate for more than an hour or so, but it ended up only taking 5 to 10 minutes,” said Meltz. “The debate was still happening. So, I sort of jokingly tweeted thinking, ‘It’s funny, it’s a laugh.’”

But Meltz never expected his gag to go viral. Within the hour the Twitter-sphere was abuzz with news of the domain.

While Meltz told us he’s pleased that his joke went viral, he’s not looking to make a name for himself. “I don’t want to be Ken Bone,” he mused.

He added, “To me it was a fun joke and if it helps the campaign by directing people to her site, that’s enough for me.”

Hear, hear.

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