spider monkey in the jungle

Dallas Krentzel/Flickr

He didn’t see it coming.

YouTube has taught us that monkeys are real crazy assholes. Sometimes they’re chill, like with these GoPro-wielding apes more focused on taking selfies than asserting their own self-importance. Most of the time they grab knives after a rough day at the bar and tear up hotel breakfast buffets. In short, they’re just like us.

This wild and crazy simian really drives that (exclamation) point home with a swift kick to the back of an unsuspecting man just trying to walk down the street.

The more aggressive humans of the world can certainly relate to wanting to break the backs of every slow walker clogging up a busy street. This monkey apparently doesn’t have time for even a single sole walking down a bare path. Make that city your own, monkey. Your mean mug owns these mean streets, apparently.

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