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#BlackLivesMatter is shutting down the Mall of America

The action was planned to coincide with a major holiday shopping day.


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

“Join us at the Mall of America in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter,” read a Facebook invitation to protest a year of police brutality this afternoon at the massive Bloomington, Minn., shopping center that bills itself as “the place for fun in your life.”

“It will surely be a #BlackChristmas,” organizers promised.

Some 3,200 people RSVP’d, and the crowd that turned out succeeded in blocking a large rotunda on the east side of the mall before local police in riot gear forced them into another area. Orwellian warnings to disperse, which probably had something to do with “Super Saturday” being one of the biggest shopping days of the year, appeared on the mall’s digital billboards—these messages were also read over a loudspeaker.

This doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident: Similar protests have been taking place in other parts of the country today. 

No arrests, violence, or looting has been reported, though a fair amount of consumerism has been disrupted. The Mall of America’s Twitter recount reported and apologized for the “inconvenience” of a partial shutdown.

“We expect the mall security to search people coming in and to stop large groups so we advise arriving without signs and to enter individually or in small groups,” the protest’s Facebook page advised. “Our legal number in case of arrest or violation of your rights is: 612-436-3664.” 

Also included was a link to the public bail fund for Black Lives Matter Minneapolis. Who knows—they may be needing it.

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